Free and democratic social network operation but in line with the law: PM Phuc

Tuesday, 12/12/2017 19:12 (GMT+7)

Free and democratic social network operation but in line with the law: PM Phuc

Social networking has become a new approach to gaining information, but its free and democratic operation should be in line with the current laws, said PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The government leader chaired a working session on strengthening State management over the press and social network operations, with the relevant central agencies on December 7.

Commenting on the operation of the press, PM Phuc affirmed that the revolutionary press has actively promoted its role and contributed to national socio-economic development and security, while creating a consensus in the public. He praised the positive initiatives and technical measures deployed by the ministries and central agencies in their management of social networks.

However, they have not completely prevented saboteurs from exploiting social networks to erode the confidence of the people in the Party and State policies and laws or defame the nation’s leaders. The network has been exploited by political opportunists, in association with hostile forces both inside and outside the country, to act against the nation, Phuc said, adding that limited management over large networks has also led to losses in tax revenue.

Nowadays, social networks have become a new approach to gaining information, but with the emergence of the issues on management, malicious information and the difficulty in distinguishing false information that confuse the public, the press must be responsible for positively countering the false information on social networks in a systematic way, PM Phuc stated.

Free and democratic social network operation but in line with the law: PM Phuc

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged for effective initiatives and technical solutions to ensure the healthy operation of the press and social networks.

He stressed for the need to establish a unified unit for the direction and management of the work, in addition to using effective technical solutions, clear sanctions for violations and specific responsibility of the concerned authorities and individuals in this field.

The promotion of democracy and creativity in society must be placed within the framework of the laws, he stated, saying that Vietnam does not advocate closure but must take strong measures to limit tax evasion of foreign networks operating in Vietnam, as well as providing technical solutions to timely prevent any infringements upon national security and sovereignty.

The PM especially stressed that the spirit of freedom and democracy is the mainstream in social network operation but must not violate the laws. Functional forces must resolutely prevent those that abuse the social network to incite, divide, sabotage and conspire to overthrow the regime.

He urged the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen their investigation on saboteurs who receive money to run articles online that defame, mislead and slander the regime, while being more active and severely handling any individuals that take advantage of democracy and freedom to infringe on national security.

The Ministry of Information and Communications should closely coordinate with the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education in strictly handling any violations committed by the press agencies, the PM added./.

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