"Marina Plaza Long Xuyen" project: Succeeded by having a strategic vision

Tuesday, 21/07/2020 11:07 (GMT+7)

VIM -“Our aspirations are to have many projects that create a new symbol for Long Xuyen City (An Giang), contributing to upgrading the face of the Mekong Delta region”, said Mr. Nguyen Chi Nhon - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNC Group, which manages and develop Marina Plaza Long Xuyen project.

In order to see more clearly the methodical directions as well as this tangible aspiration of the unit, let's follow the conversation of our reporter (RP) with Mr. Nguyen Chi Nhon ...

Perspective of Marina Plaza project.

Reporter (RP): First of all, would you please tell us the successes in the business that your Company have achieved?

As a company which has been operating quite extensively in many areas, especially over the past time, we have invested in and developed many meaningful projects in the Western Vietnam provinces. The most prominent one among them is My Luong - Tan My Bridge project (Cho Moi District, An Giang Province). This is considered a project which turns the lifelong dream of the people of Gieng Islet into reality, when it is connecting three islet communes to the bustling town. Currently, we are dedicated to the Marina Plaza luxury apartment project. This is a project we have been cherishing for a long time. It is considered the most modern building in Long Xuyen City, only the 2nd highest in the Mekong Delta. Featured with the design in harmony with nature, the Marina Plaza not only gives residents a peaceful place to live, but also creates a new symbol for Long Xuyen City, contributing to upgrading the appearance of the Mekong Delta. I do believe that the project will create a new “breakthrough” to attract more investors and other worthy partners to invest in Long Xuyen.

Topping out ceremony of Marina Plaza project.

RP: What do you think is the “attraction” for Marina Plaza to be in the “sights” of customers as well as investors?

The strength of Marina Plaza is located in the golden land in the center of Long Xuyen city (My Binh ward), which is ranked the second to none, right on the large route of Tran Hung Dao Street. This is a busy area of ​​Long Xuyen City, a golden land of commerce convenient for the needs of accommodation, for rent or business and trade. Especially, with the advantage of being located riverside (Long Xuyen Canal), the project becomes more and more popular with customers by the value of vision and good feng shui. It not only brings beautiful views, charming scenery, but also the riverfront apartments are always in the top high prices, in which the value of the real estate has increased by 10-20% compared to the apartments of the same type. In addition, the project also owns a system of diverse community facilities, when it is located next to Vincom shopping center, Nguyen Kim shopping center, Marina coffee, schools, agencies and markets just 5 minute of driving. The time of reaching to hospitals and universities are less than 7 minutes.

The strength of Marina Plaza is located in the golden land in the center of Long Xuyen city.

Since the launch of the project, the 01-bedroom apartment of Marina Plaza is the most concerned apartment because it suits the budget as well as the needs of many customers and investors. With the price of only VND757 million/apartment unit, it is a reasonable price for people to own a luxury apartment right in the center of Long Xuyen City. The apartment is ensured full demands with living room, kitchen, toilet and bedroom.

Understanding the desire of having a place of “living and working in peace and contentment” of the local people, we have also actively coordinated with the bank to support loans up to 60% of the value of apartments for customers, at the same time we support 100% interest for customers until they receive the apartment and extend the payment range for customers in installments. Therefore, buyers will be more financially active, not forced to complete the purchase of apartments. This is a very good deal because customers only need to pay around VND 6 million per month and will reduce it gradually for each subsequent payment period to have a Marina Plaza luxury apartment.

Sample apartment of the Project.

Since the beginning of 2020 now, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, it caused many difficulties, but the difficulties or market fluctuations in the recent pandemic were challenges to help screen and seek investors. have the ability and financial stability. Evidence is that, when a series of other projects in the city were plagued and stopped working due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Marina Plaza still endeavors to realize the dual goal: to prevent epidemics as much as possible, and to keep the progress. construction, ensuring the delivery of works on time to customers. According to statistics, the growth of Marina Plaza apartment price increased 19% compared to last year. With an investment value commensurate with the return, Marina Plaza is undoubtedly the most livable place in the Southwest region of Vietnam and brings good liquidity and high profits to those who need to invest.

Actual photos of Marina Plaza Long Xuyen project under construction.

RP: Before deciding to invest, especially investing in Marina Plaza project, your Company has learned quite well about the advantages of Long Xuyen. How do you personally assess the City’s real estate potentials?

We determined that planning is an important factor driving the rapid change of the region, this is also a “passport” to help Long Xuyen real estate take off. The Company as well as many customers have positively evaluated the rapid development of technical infrastructure in the past, a series of arterial roads connecting with the city. Long Xuyen is upgraded, creating an economic driving force for Long Xuyen and the surrounding areas. The evidence is that the price of land in the areas near the city center in wards of My Binh, My Xuyen, Binh Khanh, My Thoi, Dong Xuyen ... has increased sharply.

Thereby, it can be seen that the Long Xuyen real estate market has a lot of potential for development. However, if evaluated objectively, the market has not developed commensurate with the values that the city and the province are holding. Especially the demand for housing for indigenous people, because An Giang today no longer prevents the river from the market, people’s lives have been raised, the needs and practices of people in the Mekong Delta are very fond of accumulating. When they have money, they will choose projects with more utilities to buy and accumulate as well as create a more modern and comfortable life when needed. Marina Plaza has prepared all activities to catch the development trend of Western region’s real estate in the future.

Director Quoc Thuan, also an An Giang native, who established his business in Ho Chi Minh City, is very satisfied when visiting the model apartment and learn about the project.

Especially, when our Marina Plaza high-class apartment project is as successful as it is today, it is thanks to the support, assistance, guidance and enthusiastic comments of the leaders of the province and city through the periods and current leaders of the province; this has created the most favorable conditions for us. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate those precious sentiments and I am sure that this will be a positive signal to encourage investors to boldly invest in An Giang and create more new urban accents.

At present, An Giang has had a very strong administrative reform, it can be said that it is outstanding, a solid spiritual support for investors. However, I also want to come here to lead An Giang province to have a good solution with financial institutions in the area, because to implement the project with 100% equity of the investor is impossible. However, the vast majority of local financial institutions only raise capital but not really care about funding. When investing in An Giang and borrowing from banks in other provinces and cities, it is extremely difficult because the regulation of the banking industry is not to lend projects outside of their locality, so many investors have encountered obstacles when coming to An Giang. I am sure that if this bottleneck is removed and the existing potentials of An Giang, calling for investment will be easier and faster, contributing to promoting economic development and as a premise for other investment activities in the province ./.

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By Phuoc Lap

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