National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company: Towards the perfection

Tuesday, 04/08/2020 20:08 (GMT+7)

VIM - Mr. Jeong Cheol - Branch Director of National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company in An Giang (N.H.O) still chooses Vietnam as a “nursery” destination, after nearly 8 years of establishment (in 2012); his Company identified the clear objectives of developing and building houses in Vietnam to meet the growing demand for affordable housing, with the core values of “Building the home, building the trust”.

Projects from enthusiasm and prestige

Mr. Jeong Cheol once emphasized: “We create the optimal and sustainable housing solutions with the goal of becoming a Vietnam leading company with many quality projects with the affordable price.” And indeed, with the dedication and expertise, domestic and international experience, N.H.O has built houses that are suitable for Vietnamese family culture while providing a higher standard of living for residents. So far, N.H.O has become one of the leading prestigious real estate developers in the real estate market with projects located in prime locations and transparent legal basis stretching from the North, Central and South. It is worth mentioning that all N.H.O’s apartment projects are designed harmoniously to optimize the usable area with the closeness to the nature, focuse on green living space.

National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company: Towards the perfection
Pictures of social housing project "Bac Ha Hoang Ho" (My Hoa ward, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province).

Recently, in response to the call for investment in urban development and housing development by An Giang Province People’s Committee, N.H.O has decided to participate in implementing a number of investment projects such as Bac Ha Hoang Ho social housing (at My Hoa Ward, Long Xuyen City); Hau River West New Urban Area (at My Long, My Phuoc and My Quy Wards, Long Xuyen City), worker housing - Binh Hoa industrial park (Binh Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district) ... In addition to the project Bac Ha Hoang Ho social housing apartment which has been completed and put into use, the project of Housing for workers - Binh Hoa industrial park has initially provided housing for those who are difficult in the living place in accordance with the Housing Law with the complete urban technical infrastructure system.

National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company: Towards the perfection

Photos of real situations of the the project “Hau River West New Urban Area” located in three wards of My Long, My Phuoc and My Quy (Long Xuyen City, An Giang province).

For Hau River West New Urban Area project alone, Mr. Jeong Cheol said: This project is located at three wards of My Long, My Phuoc and My Quy (Long Xuyen City, An Giang) with the scale of 49.47ha, has been currently deployed and completed the technical infrastructure system, built the houses of about 16.31ha in the phase 1; the phase 2 is being implemented on an area of ​​about 33.16 hectares and is expected to be completed in 2022. Before the achievements of Phase 1, the government and local people have supported and highly appreciated the landscape architecture and environmental sanitation; Once the phase 2 of the project were completed, it would form a new urban area with utilities such as trade center, entertainment area, area of sports and physical training (swimming pool, tennis court....), schools, green parks ... meeting the criteria of being green - clean - beautiful, contributing to speeding up the socio-economic development process of Long Xuyen City and realizing the urban development program in the modernization orientations, worthy of being class-1 city according to the plan already approved by the Government of Vietnam.

Community-oriented strategies

Someone asked why N.H.O decided to invest in the housing segment for medium and low-income people and Mr. Jeong Cheol was not afraid to express: “The vibrant development trend has been created the vivid picture of Vietnam economy in general and big cities in particular. In these hot spots, the demand for housing in big cities is always the highest one and interested most. It is especially important that high-end housing projects are too unfamiliar and difficult to achieve for low and medium income people. With the motto of “Always developing, always for the community”, N.H.O together with the dynamic and professional staff force of the Company worked together on practical projects to bring the stable life for customers.”

National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company: Towards the perfection

National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company: Towards the perfection

Project "1ST Home Binh Hoa" is located in Long Xuyen city, An Giang province.

In addition to these practical values, N.H.O has always focused on charity activities. Besides the campaigns of contributing to the “For the Poor” fund launched by the competent authorities, the Company has also deducted from the welfare fund to finance the repair and upgrading of a number of bridges, roads and newly building houses of great solidarity in wards and communes in Long Xuyen City. N.H.O always wants to aim for perfection, which is not just a harmony of working styles among members in te team of values of honesty, responsibility, and respect for each other at all times, but also the spirit of willingness to share, always thinking of community and society.

In the coming time, the Company will focus on accelerating the progress of investment in Hau River West New Urban Area, be determined to complete the project to form a model urban area of landscape architecture with high quality on the living environment. Certainly in the near future, the accommodation needs of the residential community in An Giang will grow strongly, richly and diversely.


By Lap Nguyen

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