Perfect Food Vietnam: towards the goals of taking vietnamese traditional foods to the world

Monday, 23/12/2019 12:12 (GMT+7)

VNHN - Vietnam is a country with a diverse cultural tradition, in which culinary culture with unique dishes such as Pho, bread and fried spring rolls has been known all over the world. Furthermore, there are still many dishes imbued with national identity that seem to be forgotten while they also have their own quintessence, which are very rustic and very Vietnamese, in which Cellophane vermicelli is a typical one. By this time, there have been many companies producing and distributing this product in an export-oriented manner to promote with international friends and Perfect Food Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of such units.
As a Vietnamese person, it is impossible not to know Cellophane vermicelli. If Cellophane vermicelli was previously only used in festive trays such as Tet, wedding parties... Nowadays, Cellophane vermicelli is used to prepare dozens of different dishes. The most typical dishes are Cellophane vermicelli with goose, Cellophane vermicelli with chicken, Stir-fried vermicelli ... Even many other food establishments have known how to make variations to make Cellophane vermicelli become specialties such as Cellophane vermicelli with eel, mixed vermicelli, fried vermicelli, crab vermicelli, squid stuffed with vermicelli... and has become a popular dish, pleasing the most discerning and gourmet diners across Vietnam.

Perfect Food Vietnam: towards the goals of taking vietnamese traditional foods to the world

Cellophane vermicelli can be processed into many attractive dishes

Cellophane vermicelli is a food made from 100% galangal root powder with a delicious taste, soft fiber, more tough than other types of noodles so easy to prepare, suitable for many other foods, eating a lot and not worrying about hot, pimples, indigestion ... Especially according to many studies, Cellophane vermicelli is also very good for human health such as providing abundant protein, no cholesterol, lots of fiber, low starch so safe for pregnant women, people with diabetes, providing nutrients without the worry about weight gain, controlling the blood sugar very well.

Perfect Food Vietnam: towards the goals of taking vietnamese traditional foods to the world

Galangal root - the main ingredient in making Cellophane vermicelli

Thanks to the advantages of Cellophane vermicelli, in the current competitive market economy, besides the traditional villages, the prestigious and quality cellophane vermicelli production and distribution companies, the market of cellophane vermicelli in particular, the foods in general still have many shortcomings such as poor quality and fake goods that make it difficult for consumers to distinguish when choosing this food. That not only reduces trust in a traditional food products but also affects the health of consumers.
With the goals of bringing Vietnamese traditional food to the world, Perfect Food Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been established and put into official operation with the main products and services of exporting the finished cellophane vermicelli to the markets, regions, territories and countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, ... and some other countries in the region. It is not only a simple business but also contributes to promote Vietnam cellophane vermicelli brand to the world, and further promote economic development in large-scaled galangal root growing regions in the Northwest provinces such as Dien Bien, Son La and other surrounding areas such as Hanoi...

Perfect Food Vietnam: towards the goals of taking vietnamese traditional foods to the world

Cellophane vermicelli products branded Perfect Food Vietnam

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh - Representative of Perfect Food Vietnam Co., Ltd shared: “Through researches on domestic and international markets, Cellophane vermicelli products of Vietnam are very popular, especially in some countries. such as China, Laos, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Russia, ... with increasing demands. Therefore, right from the incorporation, we determined that the supply to the domestic market shall be limited, but we focusn on exporting to potential markets. But in order to be qualified for export, product quality is a difficult problem because at present, most of the production of Cellophane vermicelli is almost entirely manual.”
So how do Cellophane vermicelli products meet strict standards and reach the world market. Perfect Food Company has come up with a solution that is to collaborate with reputable production facilities, co-inspect from the selection of input materials, supervise the preliminary processing, processing to packaging into finished products. Specifically, the galangal root after being selected and transported to production facilities will be processed into starch. Starch after being tested to ensure the standards of color, taste and purity will be prepared into starch milk and pressed to create fibers. The vermicelli will then be pre-dried, moisture balanced and then additionally dried so that it can be stored for long periods of time under appropriate environmental conditions and finally packaged and consumed. All are tested and tested in accordance with the regulations and standards of the Hanoi Department of Health and meet the quality standards of hygiene and food safety.

Perfect Food Vietnam: towards the goals of taking vietnamese traditional foods to the world

Starch of Cellophane vermicelli

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh added: “In the future, after the product has met the requirements, we will carry out the necessary procedures to export to markets such as Thailand, China, ... and now this product has been introduced to partners in the markets of Russia, USA and South Korea with very positive signals. Hopefully in the future, the product cellophane vermicelli of Vietnam will be well known and welcomed by many countries ”.
It can be seen that the current competition in the domestic market is difficult, it is harder to penetrate the international market. That requires firm, long-term and most important business strategies, product quality. With what Perfect Food Vietnam has been doing, it is believed that in the near future, Cellophane vermicelli products in particular and Vietnam food in general are increasingly going further with the international market. This not only affirms an integrated economy from small and medium enterprises but also the affirmation of the quality of Vietnamese brand name to the world./.

By Trung Tran

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