President calls for joint efforts in national security defence

Thursday, 16/08/2018 08:08 (GMT+7)

VNHNO - President Tran Dai Quang has called on the entire Party, people and army to uphold revolutionary vigilance and a combating spirit, to resolutely safeguard national security and ensure social order and safety, and to ensure social safety and order, contributing to protecting revolutionary achievements and developing the country in a rapid and sustainable manner.

The President made the call at a conference held by the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi on August 15, to review the building and dissemination of the “All people protect national security” movement in the 2006-2018 period.

President calls for joint efforts in national security defence

President Tran Dai Quang addresses the conference. Photo: VNA

He spoke of the effective models and outstanding individuals in the field, hailing them as one of the important foundations for the Party and State to promulgate policies and solutions to strengthen the protection of national security and order.

The State leader pointed out a number of opportunities and challenges as the country is entering a period of accelerating comprehensive and synchronous reforms, implementing industrialisation and modernisation, and facilitating proactive and active international integration.

He affirmed that the building and development of the “All people protect national security” movement is the responsibility of the entire political system and the people, with the people’s public security forces playing a core role.

President Quang ordered further reforms of the contents, forms, and measures in building the movement in line with the specific conditions of each region and field, while calling for strengthened coordination between the Public Security Force and the Vietnam People’s Army, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, departments, sectors, and unions in the field.

The movement’s activities must be in line with the people’s wishes and capabilities, and move towards facilitating further and more direct engagement by the people in the safeguarding of security and order right from the beginning and at the grassroots level, he said.

The President suggested improving the quality of self-management, self-defence, self-protection and self-reconciliation models, in addition to rewarding contributors in the fight against crimes.

At the conference, the Ministry of Public Security presented certificates of merit to outstanding collectives and individuals in the movement “All people safeguard national security” during the 2006-2018 period./.

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