Shan Tuyet Hong Thai Tea, Na Hang: Quintessence of Vietnamese tea

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VNHN - Na Hang is one of the localities possessing countless beautiful landscapes such as: Na Hang ecological lake, Tuyen Quang hydroelectric plant located in Na Hang district, Thac Mơ, Yieng Co pass, Pac Ta mountains , Phuc Lam Pagoda, Vai  Pha pile, Nam Me waterfall, Khuoi  Nhi waterfall, Tat Ke - Ban Buong  natural reserve ... With majestic mountains, nature is rich in national identity with 12 harmony for generations ethnic groups.

Especially, this place is also blessed by nature and given an extremely famous product one of  them is Shan Tuyet Hong Thai tea which is extremely famous product of Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province:  It was Made by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc use to send for The  Malaysian Prime Minister during his official visit to Vietnam.

Shan Tuyet Hong Thai Tea, Na Hang: Quintessence of Vietnamese tea

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc use to send for The  Malaysian Prime Minister during his official visit to Vietnam.

Implementing the Resolution of the XXI Congress of Party Committee of Na Hang District (for the term of 2015-2020) has set goals and key tasks: Focusing on leading agriculture, forestry and fishery production towards export goods; to strongly develop the buffalo herd, the cow herd and specialty fish; Specialty tea plants, soybean, bean, high quality rice.

Due to the characteristics of  Na Hang district is a mountainous district, with a total natural area of  86,353.72 hectares, the  population of over 44,000 people, with over 85% of employees working in agriculture, forestry and fishery. .

The Agricultural production land is 4,666.77 ha, accounting for 5.40%; forestry land is 75,149.03 ha, accounting for 87% (of which special-use forest land is 21,238.7 ha, protective forest land is 24,249.25 ha, production forest land is 29,891.31 ha). Na Hang has a temperate climate, the evarege temperature is 22-24 ° C, and average rainfall of 1,100-1700 mm, arable land with a thick layer, convenient  for developing the Shan tuyet tea, especially at an altitude of over 800 m above the sea, the 4-season cool climate is a favorable condition for developing Shan Tuyet tea.

Na Hang currently has over 1,320 hectares of Shan Tuyet tea. Most of the Shan tea growing area in the district is planted and cared for on protecting forest land and production forest land, therefore the guiding documents on tea development are in the protection and take care, development program of the district.

Acording to Mr. To Viet Hiep, Acting Chairman of Na Hang District People's Committee, All of the Shan Tuyet tea products in Na Hang were grown at elevations from 800 to 1,000 m above sea level, so the quality of products converged  elements: aroma, strong taste, especially all  of production from planting, tending, harvesting, processing, ensuring the quality of clean tea, the flavor and quality of Shan Tuyet Tuyen Quang tea is specially than the similar tea products on the market.

Also according to Mr. Hiep, to sustainably develop Shan Tuyet tea ,and specialties to raise income for Na Hang district people, They have conducted the planning of Shan Tuyet tea growing area in Sinh Long, Son Phu and Hong Thai communes , encourage people to step up the application of scientific and technological advances in production, intensify the promotion of brand names, propagate and manage the planting and tending and processing according to clean tea standards.

Shan Tuyet tea is often grown at elevations above> 1000m to ensure a clean green quality, natural aroma, and a fresh climate, so tea plants are less prone to pests and diseases. Shan Tuyet tea trees have high stems, Big tea buds, Shan Tuyet tea has grayish white buds under tea leaves covered with a fine white undercoat so people call it Shan Tuyet tea. In the upland villages of Na Hang district, Shan Tuyet tea is grown naturally or is cultivated extensively by farmers, in Phia Chang and Na Con villages of Son Phu commune, Trung Phin village, where has Shan Tuyet ancient hundreds of years

Drinking Shan Tuyet tea not only brings a refreshing spirit, but also has a positive impact on your health.

Anti-aging, preventing diabetes, good for the heart, because Shan Tuyet tea has valuable compounds such as thein, tannin, especially polysaccharide substances that inhibit glucos, block free radicals of muscle. can, destroy cells causing many incurable diseases.

Hypoglycemia, keeping the blood sugar at the optimal level of the body and the dangerous complications of diabetes. Cooling, detoxifying body: Typically Shan Tuyet tea contains a lot of EGCG, the most powerful antioxidant of natural origin, which helps reduce fatigue and stress when working at high intensity.

Drinking tea every day also helps the body increase its antibacterial ability, prevent premature aging, increase skin brightness. And more importantly, it also works to prevent skin cancers.

Drinking Shan Tuyet tea also helps you lose weight and digest well, it is in tea with caffeine compound that can improve the secretion quality of gastric juice, help digestion quickly.

Features of Shan Tuyet Na Hang tea

This tea is grown in highland areas of Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province, Shan Tuyet tea can grow naturally or by people here planting extensive methods, especially with old Shan Tuyet tea trees until now hundreds years old

Shan Tuyet tea has been affirming its brand in the market, and becoming one of the key hunger eradication and poverty reduction crops of Na Hang highland district.

Regarding biological characteristics, Shan Tuyet tea trees are very suitable for soil, climate, soil and elevation conditions in some communes in the district to become specialty tea such as Sinh Long and Son Phu  Hong Thai communes. Shan Tuyet tea products have initially created brands inside and outside the district, contributing to increasing incomes for people.

Promote investment and intensive cultivation of tea areas in Sinh Long, Son Phu and Hong Thai communes to strive to bring the average annual tea yield to over 45 quintals /ha/year.

Shan Tuyet Hong Thai Tea, Na Hang: Quintessence of Vietnamese tea

The whole district has: 02 cooperatives, 03 cooperative groups and 14 households investing in processing and producing tea. The tea material area serving processing establishments is over 200 hectares.

Shan Tuyet tea, the quintessence of heaven and earth, is endowed by nature to Na Hang, this is a delicious and rare tea, most of shan Tuyet tea trees grow naturally and naturally. However, quite far from each other, the scavenger had to climb to the top of the tree to pick up the tops.

Shan Tuyet tea originated from a long time, gradually, farmers cultivated on the hill to find tea trees, leaving and planting more till now through many care and propagation generations now in the district area of thousands of hectares, because suitable with cool weather and climate, Shan Tuyet tea tree lives and develops very well.

Shan Tuyet Na Hang tea is a famous tea of Tuyen Quang province, safe for health and delicious taste, which has created a unique impression of this countryside. The harmonious combination of Shan Tuyet tea samples with beautiful and sophisticated packaging on traditional materials has created extremely unique and luxurious tea boxes of the local tradition. Preeminent choice for meet, exchange, partner and Tet gifts ...

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